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Free Dog Walking From SNIFF Dog Walkers

TWO WEEKS FREE! with Two-Month Sign Up

Get two free weeks of dog walking when you sign up for two months of service with SNIFF Dog Walkers. Have the best walker for your dog — and save money from day one! Click here for the dogtails, er, details!

Dog Walking App From SNIFF Orange County

Dog Walking from SNIFF OC

Healthy exercise, loving play and tail-wagging attention for just your dog — or dogs. Your personal SNIFF dog walker takes your dog on a private, GPS-tracked walk around the neighborhood. Safe and fun and one-on-one! {more}

20 minute dog walk  17
30 minute dog walk  20
45 minute dog walk  27
60 minute dog walk  32

Do you have two dogs? Only $5 more per walk!

Puppy Walking From SNIFF OC Dog Walkers

Puppy Out Relief from SNIFF OC

Multiple visits a day because puppies need more. Potty training and basic commands. Midday feedings (if needed). Plus, lots of love and play. POR is also a great solution for a senior dog (or any dog) who just needs to potty more often. {more}

2 visits a day (20 min, 20 min)  32
3 visits a day (20 min, 20 min, 10 min)  44

Do you have two dogs? Only $5 more per day!

Overnight Dog Sitting From SNIFF Orlando

Overnight Dog Sitting from SNIFF OC

We've got the perfect companion to stay overnight at your place. Tons of cuddle time for your dog. Plus, the secure feeling of knowing someone's home while you're away. Ask about availability. {more}

75 per night

Additional charge for midday walk. No charge for a second dog or cat.

Drop-In Pet Sitting Visits

Pet Sitting Visits from SNIFF OC

When you go away, we step in. Just decide how many visits your dog or cat needs each day, and we'll be there for them. Feedings, potty and all the loving care and attentive play they're used to. Your pet will think you never left town! {more}

20 minute pet sitting visit  17
30 minute pet sitting visit  20

Do you have two pets? Only $5 more per day!

There are a few more things to know. See additional information here. Do you have questions? Simply email or call for an answer today.
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