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Overnight Dog Sitting Orange County

Overnight Dog Sitting

We've got the perfect solution for when you travel: a companion your dog will love; and someone who'll keep your home safe and secure. Overnight Dog Sitting services from SNIFF Dog Walkers of Orange County.

Here's how our service works. Your sitter stays overnight at your home a minimum of 12 hours. From there, your care plan is totally customized to fit your needs. Fun walks in the evening and the morning; and potty breaks when your dog wants them. Feedings and medication (if needed). And lots of belly rubs and ear scratches!

Trusted Overnight Dog Sitters

Your home is cared for, too. If you need us to bring in the mail, we got it. Plus, grab the newspaper, water the plants and take care of whatever needs tending to. Having an Overnight Dog Sitter is like having a house sitter. And knowing someone's home while you're not home is a great feeling!

Thanks to SNIFF's Overnight Dog Sitting, never stress again on vacation — or on that important business trip. Ask about availability. Email us your dates. Or call (949) 316-7585 today.

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